Conquered by Clippy – Tales of a Degenerative AI

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Remember Clippy, the good old office assistant that used to ping you with questions? Beloved or hated, AI assistants are on the rise. More relevant than ever through developments like ChatGPT, many people start raising ethical questions about ominous scenarios. What will the future be like when our AI assistants spiral out of control? How should these technologies be built to ensure ethical use?

Artwork for: 99Fridays, MIT Media Lab 

Date of birth: April 7, 2023

Medium: Papier-mâché, metal wiring, acrylic paint

Training data: The Boston Globe, The Tech MIT newspaper, other found newspapers in English and Chinese


Nicole Bakker (Center for Bits and Atoms), Ziv Epstein (Human Dynamics) 

Contributors: Naana Obeng-Marnu, Age van der Mei, Eyal Perry, Angela Vu, Jessie Mindel, Tobin South, Rob Mahari, Phil Cherner, Cassandra Lee, Valentina Semenova, Max Langenkamp